About GHP Systems, Inc.

We are Earth Energy Experts – E3 – with more than a decade specializing in the commercial geothermal wellfield industry. Look for our E3 symbol: it directs you to our best recommendations when it comes to design, materials and workmanship. Let us put our expertise to work for you.


GHP Systems, Inc. a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial geothermal wellfield products, centrally located in the Midwest, has served customers throughout the U.S. for more than a decade. We provide a comprehensive product line as well as the design services required to get your geothermal wellfield project completed successfully, and installed for a lifetime of fail-safe service. We are committed to providing you the best-in-industry design, materials and workmanship – from initial quote through final installation – count on us as your Earth Energy Experts.

GHP Systems, Inc. has the resources to fulfill your needs. Our staff of specialized geothermal design engineers have years of experience in optimizing commercial wellfields and can provide materials quotes that will meet or exceed all engineering specifications.

Additionally, our full-line fabrication division can save you both time and money, by building to your exact specifications. Our experienced fabricators have years of custom geothermal fabrication experience and are certified welders and heat fusion certified pipe joiners, providing the highest quality workmanship so you know your job is done right.

GHP Systems, Inc. has developed turnkey products designed to meet your needs, and we maintain an on-site warehouse with materials and supplies that can be shipped to you on-demand. In addition to the GeoHeader, GeoManifold® and GeoVault® our proprietary, trademarked, turnkey solutions, other products we offer include:

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“Our E3 experts are with you every step of the way—from design through installation. We work with you to provide all the products and design services required to get your geothermal wellfield project successfully installed, for a lifetime of fail-safe results.”

Kris Jeppesen, M.E.
Founder / President
GHP Systems, Inc.