The prefabricated u-bend revolutionized geothermal installations and has become the industry standard for ease and reliability. Now, engineers and contractors are taking advantage of the GeoHeader from GHP Systems, Inc., the next advancement in the commercial geothermal industry.

It’s a factory-built, prefabricated infield extended header that saves time, eliminates confusion in the field and ensures optimal performance. Here’s why the GeoHeader has become the preferred choice for both engineers and contractors:

  • Reliability–factory heat-fused by certified personnel, eliminating the risk of leaks associated with field fabrication.
  • Time saving–pre-built, reducing installation time and costs by up to half.
  • Convenient–delivered palletized and shrink wrapped–in coils or straight lengths–ready to fuse to the vertical heat exchanger (u-bends).
  • Economical–factory-built using a semi-automated manufacturing process.
  • Easy–precise, prefabricated construction eliminates confusion in the field and ensures proper installation.

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