Compare to Field-Built Headers

Time Lost “In the Trenches” with Field-Built Headers

Field-built headers require a number of complicated and cumbersome tasks. Consider this typical field-built header installation scenario:

1)  Acquire and study plans.

2)  Formulate take-off lists of all the various required pipe and fitting arrangements.

3)  Order all of the header material and have it shipped to the job site.

4)  Lay out pipe with the correct pipe size reductions between VHEs according to project engineering plans.

5)  Cut pipe to the required length accounting for fittings lengths.

6)  Unpack fittings and correctly lay out all reducing tees, reducing couplers and elbow arrangements to connect pipe sections between VHEs.

7)  Arrange pipe and fittings in the order to be joined together.

8)  Heat fuse all supply and return pipe sections to fittings.

9)  Heat fuse header to VHEs.

These steps are performed within the trench, which often has standing water and debris falling in on the installer.

GeoHeader Takes Away the Guesswork

Using the GeoHeader reduces or eliminates most steps with an easy three-step installation and ensures better overall performance.

  • No studying plans, measuring or cutting. GeoHeaders are factory-built in clean, controlled conditions by certified heat-fusion fabricators and each fusion is inspected prior to shipment.
  • Eliminates confusion. Errors with field-built headers can make the complete circuit non-functional. Reduce the chance of error with the pre-manufactured GeoHeader.
  • Improves safety for installers. Safety concerns arise with field-built headers, where more time is spent in the trench constructing the header and many more trips in and out of the trench.
  • Ensures quality heat fusions. Performing quality fusions in the field is much more difficult due to changing elements and conditions.

In addition, installers tend to rush to keep up with excavators and deadlines. These shortcuts lead to improper heat fusions and fusion inspections. Choose the GeoHeader for consistent, quality heat fusions.

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