Contractor Products and Technical Support

For more than a decade, GHP Systems, Inc. has been exclusively dedicated to serving customers in the commercial geothermal industry. Our design and manufacturing approach goes beyond the factory and into the field—we develop innovative products that make installation easier and faster, plus reduce costs. At the same time, we use only tested and trusted fabrication methods and components that ensure your system will perform optimally for a lifetime.

We’ve set the industry standard by using our knowledge and expertise to develop products with enhanced features, but without added costs. Our GeoHeader, a factory-built, premanufactured infield extended header, is just one example of how we utilize our resources to deliver the highest quality product to our customers. Other turnkey products with prebuilt installation components include our GeoManifold®, a custom-built, HDPE manifold, and the GeoVault® turnkey vault and manifold solution.

Industry Leading Products and Supplies On-Demand

GHP Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of materials and accessories. Plus, to help ensure you get what you need when you need it, we stock an on-site warehouse with materials and supplies that can be shipped to you on-demand. Examples of available products include:

Design and Technical Support

Our experts can work with you to overcome design or technical obstacles you may encounter that could hinder the performance or installation of your GeoHeader. This can involve suggested redesigns or revisions that can be presented to the design engineer for that project. GHP Systems, Inc. has all the resources you need to get your job done, including a team of experienced design engineers who can assist with all aspects of your commercial geothermal wellfield.

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Project Materials Quotes

The specialized geothermal design engineers at GHP Systems, Inc. have years of experience in analyzing project plans and specifications, and can provide you with materials quotes that will meet or exceed all engineering specifications. We also:

  • Accurately calculate the quantity of materials needed and provide a complete list of materials.
  • Inventory all geothermal wellfield materials and accessories required to complete your project, so you can get an entire materials quote from one source.
  • Offer all the industry-leading materials and accessories with competitive pricing.

IGSHPA and HDPE Pipe Heat Fusion Certification

GHP Systems, Inc. is authorized to provide International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) installer certification and HDPE pipe heat fusion certification. Our staff includes a certified IGSHPA trainer, a certified Air Conditioning Contractors of America trainer, a certified GeoExchange designer (CGD) and a mechanical engineer who has successfully trained and certified hundreds of contractors in IGSHPA.

Shop Drawing Submittals

GHP Systems, Inc. provides contractors with shop drawing submittals that include all product data sheets, material safety data sheets, technical design data and applicable CAD drawings required for engineering submittals.

Custom Fabrication

GHP Systems, Inc.’s full-line fabrication division can save you both time and money, by building reliable commercial products to your exact specifications. Our fabrication division offers contractors economical and reliable fabricated fittings for projects that require non-standard socket or butt fusion fittings. Additionally, they can manufacture custom length u-bends and fabricated fittings.

All fabrication is performed and inspected by heat fusion certified pipe joiners who have years of custom geothermal fabrication experience and are also certified welders. These skills and experience allow them to provide the highest quality workmanship from start to finish, so you know your job is done right.

“Our contractors count on us to help them out with whatever dilemma they may have—they know we have the years of experience and resources to support their geothermal wellfield projects.”

Kris Jeppesen, M.E.
Founder / President
GHP Systems, Inc.

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